Football Camp in Sweden

Together with Mullsjö IF, we’re offering football camps between 1 July to 30 September.

Bring your team to an exciting experience where you can really build up your team and teamwork.

Everything is located in the same place – hotel rooms, restaurants, theory halls, sauna, pool, and football fields on real grass at Mullsjö IF:s home field Gruveredsvallen only a long goal kick away from the hotel.

For a three day camp (eg. Friday – Sunday) this is included per person:
– 2 x Breakfast
– 2 x Lunch
– 2 x Snack
– 2 x Dinner
– 2 x Supper
– 2 x Overnight stays in part of double room
– 4 – 6 Football training opportunities, depending on how much you want to train
– Theory room
– Indoor pool, sauna and other areas for activity

Price for children and youths, three-day football camp:

1990 kr/person for three days and two nights, incl. VAT – booking for at least 10 people. Coaches per every 10 player pays the same price. Any additional ones pay adult prices.

Price for adults and seniors, three-day football camp:

2290 kr/person for three days and two nights, incl. VAT – booking for at least 10 people.

If you wish for the camp to be longer than 3 days and 2 nights, an additional fee of 895 kr / day is needed for children and 995 kr / day for adults. If a training match will be booked against another team, the cost of referees will be added.

Like the natural grass on the fields, the environment surrounding the hotel is equally beautiful. With a lake and a beach with a jumping tower, good walking and running tracks on forest ground, a mountainbike field, and our indoor pool. The ability to train and hang out is optimal.

When needing coaches with a specialist competence within goalkeeping, or maybe a speaker with focus on football, teambuilding, food, refereeing or other additional values, contact us for an offert.

Time for arrival can be different and is decided when booking. Time for check-in at the hotel is 15.00, but it’s always okay to come before and leave your luggage in the luggage room, and change clothes in the changing rooms for training. You can also book lunch upon arrival if needed.

Contact and Booking
Tel: +46(0)392 494 00