Our Surroundings

Mullsjö is known for its beautiful nature, and at Hotel Mullsjö there is no exception!

Here you can enjoy equally fast-paced activities on high altitude courses and on the ski slope, but also more relaxing activities such as walks and golf.

Around the hotel there are a number of different spots, all offering a variety of activities and excursion destinations. Just minutes from the hotel you will find Ryfors – Sweden’s oldest golf course, beautifully placed in the nature of Mullsjö. In Kyrkekvarn you will find both horse riding on the Icelandic horse and canoe trips on the canyons around, and if you want to get a little more speed on your life, Hagårds Lagård is not far away with its high-altitude track and zipline.

If you visit the hotel in wintertime, Mullsjö Alpin is ready to welcome you with its 7 slopes and the hotel has both pool and sauna, ready to offer you a moment of enjoyment.