Summer terrace in mullsjö

On 13/6  we’re opening the Summer Terrace In Mullsjö! Our new summer restaurant! Other than the fantastic environment, we’re offering delightful summer menus with something for everyone. A visit to our terrace brings your dining experience even closer to nature, and the healthy breeze from the lake and trees.

Opening day 13/6: We will have a troubadour playing, and also have good opening offers for all our guests.


Monday – Saturday: 12.00 – 21.00
Sundays: 12.00 – 18.00

Greta's kök - Our restaurant

Greta’s Kök, our restaurant in Mullsjö, strives for high quality food inspired by the forest we reside in. We update our menu each season to make better use of what each season has to offer. The name comes from our founder’s, Hjalmar Fagerström’s, wife and her culinary skills. Thanks to the restaurant’s location south of lake Mullsjö, we offer not only a great retreat into nature, but also good access to the main road leading to and from Jönköping. 

We welcome you to our restaurant, Greta’s Kök!


Greta’s kök is closed for lunch,  drop-in guests and ordinary bookings this summer, but you’re more than welcome to visit our summer terrace.

Summery menu

Starting on 13/6

Cold plates

  • Sommarterrassen's deli plate
    130 kr
    Smoked vild boar salami, air-dried ham, 3 variants of cheese, olives, cornichons & apple compote
  • Shrimp sandwich (A summer favourite!)
    120 kr
    Shrimps, mayonnaise & eggs
  • Caesar salad
    95 kr
    Grilled chicken, parmesan cheese & croutons
  • Peppery salmon salad
    95 kr
    Cured salmon, crispy mixed salad, tomato salsa & chili dressing
  • Oven-baked tofu
    95 kr
    Tofu, a brittle bean salad, spring onions & creamy avocadocréme

Main course

You are free to choose from our menu of side orders to complete your meal!

  • Baked asparagus
    75 kr
    with crispy herbs and creamy parmesan
  • Cheese- & Bacon Burger
    145 kr
    180 g ground chuck patty, sauce and potato wedges
  • Rose hip-glazed racks of wild boar
    75 kr
  • Sesamgrilled chicken skewer (3 pieces)
    65 kr
  • Herbcoated & baked char
    75 kr
  • Tzay skewers (soy)
    75 kr

Side orders

  • Nacho chips
    20 kr
  • Potato wedges
    20 kr
  • Cabbage baked in lemon & garlic
    20 kr
  • Salad with vegetables of the season
    35 kr
  • Baked feta with cocktail tomatos, olives and caper
    55 kr
  • Grilled cheese- & garlic baguette
    35 kr
  • Homemade potato salad


  • Aioli
    10 kr
  • Bearnaise
    10 kr
  • BBQ
    10 kr
  • Tzatziki
    10 kr

Children's menu

  • Grilled Hot Dog with breadroll
    20 kr
    Or choose either nacho chips or potato wedges (35 kr)
  • Hamburger
    55 kr
    Potato wedges or nacho chips
  • Chicken skewer
    45 kr
    with side order of choice

Sweets & desserts

  • Ice cream
    15 kr scoop
    With topping or sprinkles of choice
  • Creamy chocolate cake
    89 kr
    with vanilla ice cream
  • Raspberry- & blueberry pie
    95 kr
    with a scoop of ice cream (taste of your choice)
  • Cheesecake
    89 kr