Our restaurant

Greta’s Kök, our restaurant in Mullsjö, strives for high quality food inspired by the forest we reside in. We update our menu each season to make better use of what each season has to offer.

MON – FRI: 11.30 – 14.00
SAT – SUN: 12.00 – 15.00

MON – FRI: 17.00 – 21.00
SATURDAY: 17.00 – 21.00

Every day while the restaurant is open

MON – FRI: 06.30 – 09.30
SUN – SAT: 08.00 – 10.30

OBS! Table booking is recommended for both lunch and dinner, please call our reception or send an email to info@mullsjohotell.se


Lunch of the day: 115 kr
Take away: 99 kr  


  • Pan steak with onion sauce and fried potatoes
  • Fried herring with clarified butter, lingonberries and mashed potatoes
  • Fried feta cheese with couscous and herb cream


  • Potato pancakes with fried pork and lingonberries
  • Butter-baked saithe with beets, bacon, horseradish, clarified butter and cauliflower purée
  • Carrot and halloumi steaks with apple and mint salad


  • Wallenberger with mashed potatoes, green peas and lingonberries
  • Breaded fish with shrimp mix and boiled potatoes
  • Chickpea steaks with spinach and feta cheese salad


  • Cheese and ham-filled schnitzel with red wine sauce, peas and fried potatoes
  • Chevre gratin salmon with clarified butter and boiled potatoes
  • Pasta with mushroom sauce, tomato and arugula salad


  • Steak ala lindström with red wine sauce, pickles and fried potatoes
  • Seafood stew with saffron aioli and boiled potatoes
  • Kale pie with feta cheese salad


  • Steak with french fries and aioli


  • Steak with french fries and aioli


Served from Monday – Saturday


  • Spinach and feta cheese pie 95 KR

    with sundried tomatoes and mix salad with mango dressing

  • Chark plate 115 KR

    moose sausage, air-dried ham, garlic and chili marinated olives, two types of cottage cheese, fig jam and seed crackers

  • Broiled scallops 120 KR

    with salsa and parsnip crisps


  • Beetroot risotto 145 KR

    with crispy winter salad

  • Broiled char 185 KR

    with Västerbottensduchesse, skimmed butter and kale crisps

  • Garlic-Thyme marinated venison 255 KR

    with ovenroasted root vegetables and Café de Paris sauce

  • Butterfried wild duck 215 KR

    with cognac sauce, tomato salad and mashed potatoes

Sweets & desserts

  • Chocolate cake 95 KR

    with Marianne-cream

  • Blueberry pie 95 KR

    with vanilla ice cream

Children's menu

  • Grilled hotdog 55 KR

    served with fries or nacho chips

  • Hamburgers 70 KR

    served with fries and nacho chips

  • Meat balls 60 KR

    with cream sauce, lingonberry and pressed cucumber

  • Grilled chicken 75 KR

    with french fries or nacho chips

Bar menu

Served every day while the restaurant is open.

  • Cheese- & Bacon Burger 155 KR

    with potato wedges, choose between coleslaw, bearnaise and aioli

  • Fish & Chips 175 KR

    with rémoulade

  • Caesar Salad 115 KR
  • Shrimp Sandwich 140 KR
  • Moose ragout 199 KR

    with chantarelles, smoked pork belly and coarsely mashed potatoes

  • Meat balls 179 KR

    with mashed potatoes, cream sauce, raw-stirred lingonberry jam and pressed cucumber

  • Fries 45 KR

    with bearnaise or aioli

Summer terrace

Thank you for this season! Our first year, 2020, was a success where we offered delightful Summer menus to many guests. A visit to our Summer Terrace brings your dining experience even closer to nature, and the healthy breeze from the lake and trees. We look forward to meet you all again next year.

PS. We’ve brought your favorites over to our bar menu. Welcome 🙂