We have the forest and the lake right next to the hotel’s building, they are good neighbours who never interfere with the effectiveness of your meetings.

Nature is rather a vitamin injection for creative thoughts and developing decisions. With modern and technically well-equipped conference rooms, relax area, restaurant, bar and lounge, we have everything your conference needs – under one roof. At a proper distance from the city noise.

Considering the number of returning customers, we know that we have an appreciated conference hotel with perfect service, where you can develop your ideas and have rewarding meetings in a peaceful and quiet environment. In addition, we have the tradition and genuine ambition to make our guests feel good. The family mindset is in the walls and we dare to say that with us it is easy to feel comfortable and connect with your group. Easy to focus on what is important.

For those groups who want an active conference, we have a wide range of activities to choose from. Here you will find something for all tastes and ages – from lovely entertainment at the hotel to more active challenges!

We offer multiple packages  – from daytime conferences to overnight stays – and we will help you throughout the whole process. 

For questions and inquiries, you are welcome to contact our sales representative, 
Linda Onvel, at


Hörsalen is our biggest conference room.
It can accommodate up to 140 people and also has 4 smaller group rooms, which can accommodate 6 people each.

  • Cinema seating: 140 people.
  • School seating: 65 people.
  • U-table seating: 30 people.


The conference room Utsikten is our second biggest and it also has 4 group rooms, which can accommodate 8 people each.

  • Cinema seating: 75 people.
  • School seating: 45 people.
  • U-table seating: 30 people.


Storstugan is a really cozy area, where you can arrange private events, as well as conferences. It also has 4 group rooms, which can accommodate 6 people each.

  • Cinema seating: 70 people.
  • School seating: 50 people.
  • U-table seating: 25 people.


Bauersalen is one of our smaller conference rooms. 
It can accommodate up to 30 people in a cinema and/or school seating.

  • Cinema seating: 30 people.
  • School seating: 30 people.
  • U-table seating: 20 people.


Our cozy room, Gillestugan, can accommodate up to 20 people, but only in cinema seating.

  • Cinema seating: 20 personer.

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