About us


One spring day in the early 1930s, Hjalmar Fagerström stepped off the train in Mullsjö to begin as a stop in the small station house on the southern Swedish highlands. Gothenburg citizens had long sought for the fine skiing terrain and good snow supply.

As a true naturalist, Hjalmar realized the possibilities of the area and decided to build an open-air yard. He started with the start of the Outdoor Promotion’s Mullsjö department in 1936. In 1939, the first ski cabin was built with space for 34 living guests. They cleared the ski tracks and slalom slopes, built tennis courts, sports ground and swimming facilities. Guests flocked to – families, sports teams, conference guests – and soon the cottage became too crowded. In 1944, the next step was taken. More specifically, when a new main building was built with a dining room, lounge and guest room for 70 people. With Hjalmar’s safe eye for color and shape, the plant became well adapted to the surroundings with forest, lake and mountains.

In 1967, his son Tord Fagerström took over after his father. Course activities dominated and increased. The private guests came on weekends, sports holidays and summertime. Plant was modernized and rebuilt.

Already in 1988, it was time again for a new major venture and the assignment went to architect Carl Nyrén. The building was a special creation with color and shape, a marble swimming pool, a beautiful course room with light and space, Nordic-designed guest rooms and a gym. The development went on and great emphasis was placed on the conference business with many different activities, a well-informed kitchen and a dedicated staff.

In September 1999, the latest extension was inaugurated which meant that the hotel was given a brand new “front”. There was a new entrance, luggage room, cloakroom, toilets, reception, bar, dining room and a new conference room.

The hotel we see today has the modern era’s demands for comfort and space, a pleasant atmosphere and a spirit that would totally satisfy Hjalmar Fagerström